Upward Bound is a member of the following associations


The Early Childhood Development Network for Kenya (ECDNeK), formed in September 2015, co-ordinates ECD actors working on service provision, capacity development, research and advocacy in Kenya.



Upward Bound is one of the founder members of the Kenya Gender Budgeting Network (KGBN) which is an open membership of stakeholders engaged in gender-focused advocacy work to inform programing and budgeting. It provides for coordinated advocacy to promote gender responsive budgeting (GRB) practice in Kenya. It is hosted by the Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development.



The Network of Technical Assistance Providers (NTAP), a private limited company, with its corporate office in Nairobi, Kenya provides development and management consultancy service. The firm comprises eight companies based in West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Central Africa and Asia. NTAP is strategically placed to provide cost-effective capacity strengthening support to new or locally established organisations; and technical support to countries that are a global health priority.