5-BARS: is for baseline surveys, monitoring, reviews, summative and impact evaluations; with capability for mobile, hand-held data collection devices. It has been used with a number of international, regional and local NGOs including situation analysis for Plan International, baseline survey for ActionAid International; mid-term reviews for Save the Children International; and end-term reviews for CARE and Plan International.




Sanitation360: the product delivers cutting-edge technology, hardware, information, marketing and finance solutions to the challenges of sanitation and hygiene at organizational and community level. It has been used in evaluations carried out in several Integrated Programme Areas of World Vision (WV) Kenya.


QADET (Quality Data Collection and Enhanced Transmission at Community Level)

QADET is a product dedicated to ensuring quality data collection and enhanced transmission at community level to support availability, accessibility, quality and use of health information for evidence-based decision-making at organizational, county and national levels