We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs flourish in their ventures by providing rigorous and challenging skills building experiences.

We provide these experiences through our unique modules, which help entrepreneurs understand their businesses and ideas, progress into great business leaders, overcome their limitations, and, grow their enterprises successfully.




Communicating Positively to your Customers

It can be quiet difficult to understand how to effectively reach your customers with the right message but through this module, you will gain knowledge on how you can improve your relationship with your customers.

Learn how to:

  1. Tell your story effectively on social media.
  2. Build a great communication culture in your enterprise.
  3. Promote your ideas, products and services effectively.

The school of hard knocks

In this module, you learn how to go through the diffi cult phases of entrepreneurship and how to overcome those challenging moments.

  1. Resilience in difficult moments.
  2. Taking care of your mental health.
  3. Failure as an opportunity.
  4. What to do in difficult moments.

The DNA of Entrepreneurship

In this module, you understand who you are, your purpose, your why, and, what it takes to be a great entrepreneur. Set a solid foundation for your business. Understand your:

  1. Purpose and your why.
  2. Business environment.
  3. Ideas generation and evaluation.
  4. First Steps as an entrepreneur.


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