We address the following themes through our services to our clients and partners:

  • Livelihood: Upward Bound contributes to transforming the lives of the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged;
  • Water and sanitation:Upward Bound contributes to progress in access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation, which have direct bearing on health status for millions of children and families in Africa;
  • Health: Upward Bound plays a contributory role in improving health outcomes in Africa;
  • Education: Upward Bound contributes towards the sustainable delivery of quality education and its game-changing effect on the outlook, knowledge and skils of boys and girls, men and women across Africa;
  • Child rights: Upward Bound upholds its belief that every child must be afforded the best opportunity to realize their full potential;
  • Gender and women’s rights: Upward Bound contributes to the realization of women’s rights and in ensuring that the concerns and experiences of both women and men are integral to development;
  • Youth empowerment: Upward Bound believes that supporting youth empowerment uniquely unlocks Africa’s potential to rapidly progress;
    Governance:Upward Bound contributes to the improved exercise of power for the efficient and effective management of resources for development in countries in Africa.